Development League Program

For all ages and abilities



Mastering the Operation 36 Model:

Golfers Play 9 Holes From Division 1 (25 Yards)

Instead of starting at the full tee box, all golfers begin in Division 1 and will play 9 holes starting 25 yards from each green.

Shoot par (36) or better to pass Division

When they shoot par (36) or better, the golfer progresses to Division 2, where they start 50 yards from each green.

Complete the Division 10 challenge

This challenge continues until the golfer can shoot par (36) from all 10 divisions!

Learning to Play Golf with

Enroll in any Operation 36 Program

and track your progress with the Op 36 app!

Coaches can communicate with you about your progress, help set goals, and give you the tools to guide you outside of class.

Check the app for important announcements!

Develop your skills on the course!

Operation 36® Structured 9-Hole Events are for students of all ages and skill levels who want to develop their skills on the course. The goal is to shoot par (36) or better for 9 holes.


Your coach will have a digital/manual leaderboard and award certificates to players that shoot their Personal Best or Beat 36 from their division yardage.

Progress Tracking

Log your score and use the app to guide improvement over time during the Development League and when playing casually.

Operation 36 9-Hole Events

Op 36 9-Hole Events provide a great experience for students to challenge themselves and test their skills on the course.